petIt was December 2010 when a faithful church group led by team leader Peter Burer departed from Tampa Bay and went to Antigua, Guatemala. Never having done a foreign missions outreach before, the week-long experience was filled with awe, contrast, and empathy for the indigenous people (please visit )  As most teams who come to the short missions field have in common, a plethora of activities ensued, from helping build fences to feeding the kids in an orphanage, doing street evangelism, and distributing 100 water filters to remote locations. It was the latter that gave rise to the current outreach, which by God’s Grace, was allowed to grow on that foundation. It was great to hand out these wonderful filters that can make the difference between a healthy, productive life, or a life of constant diarrhea, missed school or work. We even sent out an additional 25 filters a few months after our return, but then God prompted again:

You can keep handing out fish (filters) but wouldn’t it be better to teach them how to fish (provide clean water for themselves)?

As an inventor with several unrelated patents and a “day job” as the owner of a small manufacturing company, along with God’s insight it was not too difficult to develop a system where 2 main water issues were overcome with an additional benefit when tackling these problems:


  1. water is heavy and usually has to be carried from the source to the home.
  2. the water that is obtained is usually bacteria laden and not fit to drink or ingest.

With the aid of a widely sourced common hand truck, ubiquitous in most areas of the world, and coupled with a few Sawyer® filters that have proven itself to be reliable providing safe potable water without the need for cartridge changes or chemical additives, a mobile clean water solution was borne that can actually be a job-creating enterprise. Dubbed the Aquabile™, it is able to produce clean water which meets or exceeds EPA standards at a relatively fast pace using gravity feed and the help of a little head pressure provided by a bicycle pump. It is capable of producing 5 gallons every 7 minutes which equals a flow rate of approx. 40 gal/hr. The side benefit is that a local entrepreneur can now engage in a meaningful occupation selling inexpensive clean water to his neighbors, while at the same time helping eradicate waterborne diseases which are otherwise so prevalent in Third World countries. We are teaming up with partners worldwide who are encouraged by this endeavor, and we are asking you to join us in getting this system from our test grounds in Antigua, Guatemala to other parts of the world by contacting us and see how we may be able to help each other.